Blue Flower

Musa is a visionary and knows how to maintain clear and simple focus. He is flexible and this has allowed him to stay in business as he adjusts to new information and changing circumstances. He has 10years of prior experience and exposure in the fencing and construction industries and is hands on in his approach to everyday business. He is passionate and the passion translates in his unwavering delivery of excellent service. He is experienced in High Risk Razor wire Installations, and Maintenance, CLEAR VU Fencing Tiling , Painting, Paving.

He obtained his experience having worked with numerous big companies in Gauteng Province for the past nine years were he did exceptionally well in his line of work and pursued his dreams and created Maguswini Projects trading as Magnus Projects. Currently he is studying an N3 Electrical Engineering Course with Dam Technical College. He assumes a day to day position of a general making all key decisions and has a complementing team of highly qualified and experienced Installers and Builders.